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21 May 2007 @ 05:42 pm
I'm Just A Small Boy: Lucius [15]  
Author: Alyssa Keserra 

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Harry/Draco Warning: none yet... except ummm i'm still new to all this so... don't expect the world 

Warnings: Slash, Language, Non-con-ish, OoC

Summary: A misfired spell. In the enemy's clutches. Nothing is as it seems

[HBP compliant]

A/N: You may notice that this chapter is a) REALLY short and b) slightly... different

a) is because of b).


Now, i have to move out soon so I won't be posting for a while (not that you really expect me to be, what with my horrendous track record)





He woke up feeling disorientated and confused, where was he? Coldness whirled around him in a strange grey mist, sinking into his skin from all directions and he shuddered. Lucius Malfoy should not be in these circumstances. Somewhere along the way he'd done the wrong thing, followed the incorrect path, made a mistake, fallen victim and in doing so brought the entire Malfoy machine to a grinding halt. He knew. He could see them, Narcissa and Draco, see them breaking, changing and reforming into foreign beings. Sometimes it felt like he was there, carpet beneath his feet and blonde hair in his hands. Sometimes he felt like he was miles away, watching them eat silently in the dining room or read in the garden.


At first they had been fleeting images in his sleep. Dreams. Dreams that had landed him in isolation for weeks on end as he screamed bloody murder at any number of the villains that appeared in his visions. Dreams that had him waking up with bruised hands and blood dripping from his  shoulder blades. Dreams that had him sobbing even when awake. Now he couldn't look away.


They thought he'd gone mad. He knew they did. They didn't understand why Lucius Malfoy had lost control without a Dementor in sight, but in turn they hadn't seen their only son take the Mark they'd tried to save him from since he'd been born. They hadn't seen him take his lashings without making the slightest of sounds. They hadn't seen him crawl into their study before passing out. They hadn't seen their wife go sobbing to someone else for help. They hadn't seen their family wandering lonely corridors night after night in hope of some relief.


The cold disappeared and he was standing in a street that seemed… familiar? Italy, he recognised it the moment he turned and found himself looking into Narcissa's terrified blue eyes. They'd been staying with relatives in France for a few months and had decided to take a week in Italy before going home to find Draco a tutor, not that he'd really needed one.

"Where's my baby? Where is he? Lucius!?!"

"Narcissa!" he says sharply as he's brought back from his mind wanderings and despite his own rising fear, "calm down."

She's clutching at her wrist anxiously, her eyes wide and whether she's doing it knowingly or not, she's leaning into him for support. He's looking around the busy street for any sign of Draco's still golden hair.


Narcissa stiffens beside him, her head turns towards the sound just as his does, both looking for their four year old son.

"NO! NO! Let GO! PAPA!!!"

Somewhere behind him, he hears Narcissa let out a small scream but that doesn't matter because he can see Draco now.

"PAPA!" Draco's spotted him and he's not punching his captor in the face anymore, instead stretching his hands out towards him. He immediately responds, rushing forwards with his arms outstretched just as he did those many years ago, but this time instead of clasping his son in his arms, he finds himself further and further away.

"Draco!" he's shouting for him, but his son is being taken away and he can't do anything about it.

"'Cissa," he whispers when he finds himself looking at his heartbroken wife sobbing brokenly with pain and disappointment. She disappears, the same way Draco did and then there's a shooting pain through his body so he doesn't even feel the regret. As the Healers rush in, his vision clouds with black and Lucius feels the cold floor connect with his head even though he doesn't remember falling.


Somewhere along the way, Lucius Malfoy had made a terrible mistake.

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thrnbrookethrnbrooke on May 21st, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
You blew me away! Fantastic chapter!
(Anonymous) on March 10th, 2010 10:43 pm (UTC)
where have you gone this story is awesome please finish it