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23 July 2006 @ 06:50 pm
I'm Just A Small Boy: Ault Hucknall [8]  

Author: Alyssa Keserra 

Rating: Currently something like PG-13? Definitely going up in the future 

Pairing: Harry/Draco Warning: none yet... except ummm i'm still new to all this so... don't expect the world Summary: A misfired spell. In the enemy's clutches. Nothing is as it seems

[HBP compliant]

Disclaimer: It's all J.K. Rowling's, i'm just borrowing it to twist and maim to my own devious purposes. No worries, she'll get them back in the end.


A/N: OK, so this is it... my masterpiece chapter so far which is rather sad... because it's rubbish. *sigh* 
Don't hold it against me though, *pouts*
And you'd better review. Please. Seeing as the next one is having trouble coming out (Does that sound gross or what?), I need all the... support I can get.
OH! And I'm going to warn now, for EXCESSIVE OoC-ness. I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not my fault!!! Well... actually it is rather... but you know.



Malfoy was one of the first and apparated straight into his place in the circle, strange that Harry thought… they all seemed to have their own set place in the circle that they apparated into. Maybe they practiced to get it right, after all there was no way it would be possible to just 'know' where to apparate like that… or maybe there was and Harry just didn't know it. He peeked out at Voldemort who was whispering to Wormtail at the head of the half full circle and wondered how the man could be scary, of course he would think that being safe in Malfoy's pocket where he couldn't be seen.


A few pops later and Voldemort decided to address his followers, "Welcome back my Death Eaters, less that 24 hours since I last sent for you, I do so again. But this time. No one will fail me." he said quietly sweeping the circle with his red eyes, pausing at Draco as if the last failure was his fault.

"Ault Hucknall in Derbyshire, ransack all you can. As many dead as you can." he smiled coldly before it fell off his face and he sneered; "What are you waiting for? Go! Except for you Malfoy Junior. You may stay."


Harry groaned internally, he knew he hadn't been caught, but this make things a bit riskier, besides, Malfoy hadn't done anything, and this weird obsession Voldemort had with him seemed a bit perverse.


"Ah, young Malfoy, so good of you to stay. May I offer you something to drink? Tea? Firewhiskey? Blood maybe?"


"No, Thank You, My Lord."


"You're very beautiful aren't you?"


Draco was silent and Harry could hardly blame him, what kind of question was that? He rather hoped that wasn't a pick-up line seeing as even Kreacher could have managed better.


"Careful Malfoy, I'm not the only one who has noticed. Leave." Voldemort said turning his back on Malfoy in dismissal and walking a few steps away. Harry felt the painful lurch of apparition again as Malfoy apparated away to wherever it was they were meant to be. Somewhere in Derbyshire? Oh! The idea slammed into Harry so hard it hurt a bit and left him reeling slightly. Grabbing his quill and the parchment from his pocket he stared helplessly at the broken quill before balancing the parchment on his knee and spelling the quill fixed and conjuring some ink.


'DE attack in Derbyshire. Get help.'

Where was the place again?


"Where are we?" he heard Malfoy ask in confusion.


"Ault Hucknall" someone said


"I know that" Malfoy snapped back, "Where are we in relation to where we're meant to be going?"


'Thank You Malfoy' he said to himself before writing it down on the parchment and tuning out of the conversation as he prayed that Lupin still had the parchment on him.


"Split up" came the harsh voice of Bellatrix Lestrange and he felt his heart thud a little louder as the anger welled up in him once more, it was probably good he was this helpless as he was in a good mind to put his hand around her neck and choke her to death without any magic whatsoever.


His stomach twisted queasily as he realised he was going to be privy to a Death Eater attack on an unsuspecting muggle village. The screaming started almost immediately after that. Where were the aurors he wondered as he saw a door blown apart in front of him and a few Death Eaters walk in followed by Malfoy. He watched in horror as they stormed the dining room where a family of 4 were eating their dinner and didn't even pause before casting Crucio on the two children. He felt Malfoy stiffen and wondered what he had though that had made him do that. He looked out and followed Malfoy's gaze to a picture on the wall with three children and he too tensed.


Malfoy slipped away from the other three laughing Death Eaters and slid hurriedly out of the door and up the stairs before barging into every room as he passed it in an attempt to find the girl. He stopped in the second to last room and Harry could see the light brown hair of a young girl tossed across the pillow, he watched as Malfoy hurry across the room and felt dread fill him. Was Malfoy going to kill her? He had been right. Malfoy hadn't changed. Still heartless.


Much to Harry's surprise however, the spell Malfoy cast was a Disillusioning charm that made the girl disappear completely to Harry. He felt rather than saw Malfoy lean over and whisper something sharply before he pulled away abruptly and walked firmly down the stairs, pausing in the front hall to tell the Death Eaters he was going to the next house before walking out.


Malfoy stayed close to the wall so that all Harry could see was the brickwork and then slid down and pulled something towards him, the girl! Harry realised in shock. Malfoy had brought the girl out.


"Be quiet. And don't move till the screaming stops. Someone will come to save you." Malfoy whispered so quietly that Harry almost missed it.


"Are you going to kill me?" the girl couldn't have been more than three and her voice echoed a wide-eyed innocence that made Harry want to hug her.


"No, darling, but someone else might if you're not careful. Run along now you muggle."


"Is that your face?"


Malfoy laughed, a low stifled hum of laughter. "No, no!" he heard Malfoy's hand come up brushing past his robes and then the mask coming off.


"Are you an angel."


"Not usually. But today I'll be yours." He whispered before Harry heard the sound of a quiet chaste kiss just as Malfoy began to stand up.


"Stay hidden" was his last warning before he strode away towards the busier end of the street, the screams getting louder as he neared.


Harry dropped off his broom into Malfoy's pocket his head spinning as the implications of what he'd just heard sank in. Malfoy was acting very strange. Or was he? Was this the real Draco Malfoy? He would have laughed at the cheesy muggle-television-ness of the question if he hadn't been serious about it. Malfoy had just risked his skin to let a muggle girl free and then comforted her. Ok, so the girl had been slightly odd also, as she didn't appear to be half as afraid as she should have been.


The sound of multiple pops in close succession pulled Harry out of his reverie to look outside where he could see a few familiar faces appear; Tonks, Moody and possible McGonagall appeared nearby.


"It's the Order! Retreat!" someone shouted and once again the lurching in his stomach that told of apparition appeared.



He decided to stay at the bottom of Malfoy's pocket this time, unwilling to risk Voldemort's anger at the relatively unsuccessful mission.


"Why, are you back so soon?" came Voldemort's cold voice surprisingly clearly.


"The Order appeared," he heard Snape say.


"And we're under orders not to fight them unless necessary," came another voice


"I know your orders. I set them, fool!" Voldemort hissed presumably to the new speaker. "How did they know we were there? We have a spy"


The silence of the circle was broken by the quiet hushed murmurings of the Death Eaters each denying their own participation.


"Silence! How dare you seem to interrupt me while I am speaking!"


Immediately silence reigned again, "Who was late?" he asked venomously in to the quiet. There was the sound of a sharp intake of breath above and Harry found himself unable to stay still anymore, grabbed his broom and flew to the top of the pocket, careful to keep in the shadow of the moon. Looking around he could see all the Death Eaters looking at him, well at Malfoy, but it seemed like him.


"Young Malfoy." Voldemort came closer his voice dripping with honey, "Are you our leak?" he asked each word laden with a spark of power.


"No, my lord"


"No? Let me take a look."


The change in Malfoy was barely visible, but his breath came in harsh guttural sobbing gasps and his hands clenched slightly tighter as he began to lean forwards as if to prevent himself falling backwards. Then as soon as it had started it was finished, what the hell had happened? Harry asked himself as he watched Voldemort smirk


"Very good Malfoy." he complemented blandly, "you are not our leak at all, perhaps I should look elsewhere."


He turned away and took his place at the head of the circle again, "Leave."


Once again, Malfoy apparated to outside the mansion, swearing profusely, patting himself down and checking his hands for blood, he must have come up clean though as he began towards the front door quickly.


"Fuckwit! He was the plonker that kept me behind. Idiot. Fool. No need for the fucking mind-rape. Bastard. Bumbling wanker."

Malfoy continued on that vein until he got to his room which seemed to be miles from the entrance, no wonder Malfoy was so fit.


He threw off his robe and then disappeared into the bathroom as Harry quickly hurried out and flew to his desk.




They both jumped at the knock on the door, "Draco, its me." the sound of Narcissa Malfoy's soft voice filtered through the door causing enough distraction for Harry to hide behind a row of books on the desk. He watched as Malfoy went to open the door than propelled himself backwards to sit clumsily on the back of his bed as he stumbled over the edge of his robe.


"Hello Mother," he said rather sheepishly.


"Hello Son." There was a long silence as neither of them said anything, both looking elsewhere fidgeting just slightly, Narcissa with her hair and Draco with his hands. They really didn't seem to have the strongest of mother-son bonds if this was anything to go by.


"Why are you still awake?" Malfoy finally asked lacing his hands firmly on his lap and looking up at where his mother was hovering nervously by the door.


"I couldn't sleep... Knowing where you were and what you were doing." She had taken the opening in conversation to sit on the bed, though noticeably a fair distance away as if scared of any contact.


"Mother…" Draco drawled


"What? I'm your mother, I'm allowed to worry." Apparently this was the barrier break, as both Malfoy's seemed to lose their stiff postures and began to almost gravitate towards each other as Draco leaned back on an elbow so that he was facing his mother and Narcissa imperceptibly shifted her knees so they were pointed in her sons direction.


"Of course mum"


"Are you hurt?"




"Are you sure?"


"You'd think I'd know if I were hurt wouldn't you?"


"Don't take that tone with me! Just because your fa-"


The room became silent at the mention of Lucius, both seeming to drift off in their own worlds at the thought of him. Harry watched in wonder, how could anyone possibly like that man? It was obvious they both seemed to like him, a lot… but why? He was cruel and horrible and arrogant and 405% evil!


"You know you don't have to do this Draco."


Draco groaned loudly and flopped back on the bed throwing his hands over his face, "Mo-ther," he ground out. "We've been over this before!"


"I know dear, but you're too young for this gallivanting in the night, I don't mind you doing it when you're older but I abhor having my son come home covered in blood."


Rather than answer, Draco moved position so that he was lying face down in his mothers lap. Narcissa's face lit up into a beautiful soft smile as she ran her hands through his hair in soft stroking movements, like Draco was a cat to be petted. He made a soft sigh and turned his face outwards, his right hand creeping around her waist and curling on the bed as if ensuring she would stay where she is.


"I'd rather like to be there," he whispered softly


"Where dear?"


"There, when Potter kills the Dark lord."




"Yeh, it'd be a good thing to see."


"You sound awfully sure of the outcome, love."


Draco smiled broadly than shuffled around so he was lying face up and grabbed one of Narcissa's hands.


"I've been at school with Potter for six years mother," he said as he played with her fingers, entwining them with his; stretching them out and then squeezing her hand before letting their hands fall limply by his side.


"He's going to win. I know it."


Harry felt his heart clench at the vote of confidence from an unexpected source before the fear hit him again, more pressure. Even the dark side expected him to win…


"So why are you on this side?" Narcissa asked much to Harry's pleasure, he'd rather like to know the answer to that.


"I'm a Malfoy," he answered simply as if though it was the most obvious thing. Harry watched as Narcissa looked away from Draco to focus instead on the window. Nope. Not the answer he expected either.


"If… you knew I was safe… somewhere… would you go to the light side?" she asked softly, her voice slightly broken and unsure. Draco laughed lightly, "no way! Hah! Me on the light side? The thought in itself is scandalous. No-no. I'd cause some sabotage to our side, send Potter cryptic hints about Death Eater activities. Die by the hands of either side in a loud dramatic, glorious death."


"Draco!" she chided, "This is no joking matter! You know I hate it when you talk about death."


"I'm sorry mother, " he said sounding genuinely sorry, "I've made my choices."


"Why don't you go to sleep now and we can discuss more later."


Malfoy looked like he was going to complain but then nodded meekly, "yes mother." He kissed her on the cheek before crawling under the covers in a manner unfit for Malfoy's and promptly falling asleep. Narcissa made her way to the door, pausing at his fallen robe and picking it up feeling around the front for the blood she had seen the day before. Giving her sleeping son one last look she left with the robe, 'nox'-ing the light on her way out.



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Lisbet Karlsdottir: HP-draco greenlisbet on July 23rd, 2006 08:47 pm (UTC)
Snuggly Draco! *pets* He's so adorable!

oceans_world on July 28th, 2006 02:05 pm (UTC)
He is, isn't he?
Ivykins: Beautiful (Cataneo) by Tears of Raintomxfelton on July 24th, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
Aww.. Malfoy's a person after all! Lmao. I like the story so far...
oceans_world on July 28th, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
Malfoy? A person? *laughs* Who would have guessed?
I'm glad
love knows no bounds: Harry/Dracoconfiteor_3 on July 26th, 2006 12:50 pm (UTC)
Awww. It's not rubish! I loved Draco saving the little girl. That was probably my favorite scene throughout the whole story so far. And the talk between Narcissa and Draco, I loved.
*sends you cookies to help get through chapter nine*
oceans_world on July 28th, 2006 02:09 pm (UTC)
*sucks up sympathy and eats cookies*
Thank You
*looks pathetic*

Ah, Draco the Angel and Draco the Cutie-pie-son.
worst-case-scenario girlfacecat on September 11th, 2006 11:23 am (UTC)
" Die by the hands of with side in a loud dramatic, glorious death."

Um, huh?
oceans_world on September 11th, 2006 08:55 pm (UTC)
Uhhhhhhhh.... I recently found myself a beta and we've only just started on Chapter 1 so uh... *scratches head* we should reach Chapter 8 soon... Sorry...

In my head it's, " Die by the hands of either side in a loud dramatic, glorious death."</>
worst-case-scenario girlfacecat on September 11th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
lol - ok -makes sense now. Am enjoying the story.
oceans_world on September 11th, 2006 09:58 pm (UTC)
Heh! Good! Thanks!