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11 September 2006 @ 08:18 am
I'm Just A Small Boy: The Calm Before The Storm [13]  
Author: Alyssa Keserra 

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Harry/Draco Warning: none yet... except ummm i'm still new to all this so... don't expect the world 

Warnings: Slash, Language, Non-con-ish, OoC

Summary: A misfired spell. In the enemy's clutches. Nothing is as it seems

[HBP compliant]

Disclaimer: It's all J.K. Rowling's, i'm just borrowing it to twist and maim to my own devious purposes. No worries, she'll get them back in the end.

A/N: As I told my amazingly wonderful brilliant beta (newly discovered) Ky, I can't explain this chapter. It's... strange and I love it... Not much happens at alland yet its rather long... It's been in my head ever since I walked home from work one day to the setting of an AMAZING Sunday Summer storm, and I thought 'Heavens! I love this country!!'. It was so 'Kindle my Heart' from 'A Little Princess' and oh so beautiful. I'd like to take this moment to remind you... that I love the Malfoy's and that explains this chapter... hopefully.




Water thundered down from the sky in huge droplets, splashing against the stones and soaking into the earth. With a loud whoop that suggested he'd completely forgotten that Harry was even there, Draco put Isillia down and ran out into the garden. Harry struggled to stay aloft as the wind whipped through the room, slamming his broom around until he no longer had any control at all. His relief was palpable when he found himself caught in a bubble that wasn't affected by the weather and he sent Isillia a thankful smile to which she merely gave him a flash of fangs before following Draco into the garden. He climbed off his broom to fall on to the bottom of the bubble, glad to see that it didn't break with his weight, before wondering how he had manage to become so trusting of a snake.


He cast a drying charm on his clothes before pulling off his glasses and wiping them on his jumper.When he'd said he needed to bathe, this wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind. He looked out at where Malfoy was now standing in the rain, soaked to the bone, his black t-shirt stuck to his body like a second skin and his shorts hanging a bit lower than they should be due to the extra water weight. Harry shook his head worriedly; he was just going to make himself sick with a cold if he stayed out there.


Draco turned his face upwards to the clouds feeling the water splash against his face in biting droplets that stung his skin and seemed to wash everything way in an obscure cleansing ritual. The water was cold and refreshing, much like the wind buffeting against his body, so different to the stifling summer that had hit England the previous year. His eyes turned suddenly to the manor, his home, and he grinned happily running back inwards; his bare muddy feet left a trail of water as he ran through twisting corridors to the room where he knew his mother sat during the day.


"Draco!" she exclaimed standing up and dropping her book on the floor as her son threw the door open dripping water and mud over her immaculate floor looking like a wet rag doll. He stumbled forward and caught hold of her wrist, pulling her with him as he went towards the back of the Manor. She followed meekly, remembering how easily she had been tugged along by her spoilt son when he was younger, pulling on her skirts, her arms, her legs, her cloaks, her robes, anything that his strong young hands could grip. And now she looked at him, a skinny little boy looking absolutely nothing like her Lucius at all. His clothes sticking to him accentuating his undernourished state and his grip greatly weakened. She looked down at the hand curled around her wrist; she could see the bones in his fingers where the skin was pulled tight over them, the delicate structure of his wrist under translucent white skin. This wasn't what her boy should have grown up to look like, to be. He was meant to be slightly golden, tanning like he used to after hours playing in the sun; he was meant to be sturdy, muscle and strength from good eating and exercise; he was meant to be refined, polite and calm like Malfoy's should be. He wasn't meant to be this beautiful, she thought, looking up at his thin face, cheeks flushed and long hair flattened over his eyes dripping water everywhere.


He hauled her out on to the stones and left her standing there looking out at her perfect gardens being attacked by the wind and the rain, her son standing in the centre of the grass, arms out spread looking skywards. She found herself walking towards him unwittingly and only when she felt the mud beneath her feet did she realise that she; Narcissa Malfoy nee Black was standing in her garden without any shoes on, in a full black skirt that was now clinging to her legs during a thunderstorm. If her mother could see her now… she walked forwards regardless until she was standing in front of him and watched as he lowered his eyes until they were looking straight into hers and for a split second she thought her heart almost fell out. Because the eyes looking at hers were not tinged with madness, nor were they clouded with the hazy after effects of Potions.


A slightly pained expression covered his face momentarily, "Mother," he said simply though the word was loaded with meaning. She gave him a weak trembling smile and he threw an arm around her waist with an exuberant smile and twirled her around with him in a parody of every dance step she had ever taught him. And for a few minutes, she forgot: forgot that her husband was in prison, that her son was dying, that her sister had gone mad, that she was murderer, that her life had fallen apart around her, that her legs were now covered in more mud than she had ever come in to contact with in her life. With the sound of rumbling thunder, splashing rain and her son's comforting laughter she let herself fall.


And fall she did, as both Malfoy's toppled into the grass that was now more brown than green. Feeling more than a little bit bruised she turned to Draco finding him flat on his back his right hand over his left arm squeezing it tightly as if by decreasing the blood flow, the pain would go away. She looked at his arm as if frozen until she felt his fingers under her chin forcing her up to his face, skinny brittle fingers under her chin, cold and wet and she let the tears fall from her eyes knowing he wouldn't see them for all the rain falling on their faces.


"Don't go," she whispered softly closing her eyes as the cold began to seep into her skin making her suddenly feel very cold, her clothes sticking to her in an uncomfortable manner, the mud on her legs making her inwardly cringe. Arms were suddenly around her, cradling her like Lucius would have and then a soft whisper in to her shoulder almost drowned out by the rain of "I'll be back."


His hand suddenly snatched to pick something out of the air beside them and she turned to see what was there but found nothing except falling rain. Her eyes moved to his hand but he was already on his feet extending the other hand to help her up. They both walked back to the parlour that now had a small lake on the stone floor, water on the walls and muddy footprints leading back into the mansion.


With not enough time for him to get changed, Narcissa cast a cleansing and drying charm on Draco before leading him back through to her little room where she pulled out a black robe for him to put on and then tentatively opened a drawer and took out a Death Eaters mask. She closed her eyes holding it tightly in her hands before closing the drawer and turning around to Draco who had after a bit of a struggle managed to remember how to put on robes, carefully dropping Harry into one of the pockets when it was on. He gasped when he saw what was in her hands.


"Mother," he shook his head and stepped back, "I'll just run up and get my own or-or a house elf can. Or..."


She stepped closer to him, sighing as she placed the mask over his face and the sides bound magically to his skin, "Your father would never have wanted you to have this," she said wistfully stroking his cheek, running her fingers over the bottom edge of the mask over his nose to the other cheek before dropping her hand and turning away to sit back in her chair, retrieving her book from the floor and pretending to read it as if nothing had happened.


Draco stared at her for a moment before Apparating from the spot, completely forgetting he had no shoes on.




Draco was the last to Apparate into the circle, arriving almost after Voldemort had started speaking to his followers thus making himself the centre of attention. He staggered slightly on his feet as the blood rushed to his head and his right hand came out to balance himself on something, landing on Hugo Crabbe's arm who appeared not to notice. Righting himself as gracefully as possible, he stood as part of the circle as if though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Voldemort had almost immediately turned to talk in quiet tones to Snape when Malfoy had Apparated in and had now turned back to face the Death Eaters sparing Draco an extra long almost pleased glance.


"Shifter, tell me about the current state of the Ministry."


The Death Eater in question was a confident sturdy man who seemed to be unafraid of the Dark Lord, but then again Snape didn't seem scared and neither did Malfoy in the few times he'd seen them interact, though that could be because of Malfoy's obvious death wish. The man droned on about some man they had in there, but Harry wasn't listening because he'd found something in this robe that did not belong to Malfoy. Well it did belong to a Malfoy, just not his Malfoy. It was another small piece of parchment rolled up the pocket, must be a wizard thing he thought remembering the parchment that seemed not to leave his pocket. Pushing this one open with his body, he lit his wand to look at the tall words; similar to Draco's in that manner and yet different.


To Do

1. Customised broom for Draco's passing O.W.L's present

2. Portkey for Narcissa's shopping trip to Paris (21st May)

3. Buy Draco Birthday Present

4. Break into Dept. of Ministries

5. Wind up Arthur Weasley

6. Buy shares in Witches Weekly

7. Have a little chat with Rita Skeeter


Harry stopped reading when he heard Malfoy gasp slightly and he immediately flew up to see what was going on, but he could see nothing out of the ordinary for a Death Eater meeting and he wondered whether he had missed something important, but now a stuttering female voice was talking about breaking communication links. He heard Draco gasp again and looked up to see a hand brush past him up towards his face and then -


"Atsch," it was a small sneeze, expected of a Malfoy, with a lot of force apparently because Malfoy swayed precariously, one hand clutching his head before he fell forward in a dead faint. Harry saw Snape's hand go out as if to stop the fall, but from so far away he could do very little and Harry braced himself for the impact. Malfoy didn't hit the ground however, because Crabbe Senior had been watching and had caught the boy before he could topple and hurt his perfect Malfoy features.


The entire circle was now staring at Draco and Harry couldn't help but wonder when Malfoy wasn't the centre of attention. There was a long silence as the cut off woman stood with her mouth half open looking at Lord Voldemort nervously.


"Take him," Voldemort said sharply with a flick of his wrist, turning back to the woman who had been speaking. Snape strode forward to take Malfoy from Crabbe when Voldemort suddenly turned to look at them.


"No," he said with a strange smile, "not you Snape."


Snape and Crabbe stilled, looking at each other over the still slightly wet blonde hair before Crabbe nodded slightly, "I'll take him, he grunted before picking Draco up as if he were a rag doll. He started slightly at how light the boy seemed before his eyes caught on Draco's bare feet.


"Well?" Snape asked in a huff of annoyance, before he saw where Crabbe was looking and he too found himself staring at pale feet in the dim light. With a loud pop, they were both gone and Snape moved back to his place in the circle his mind whirling. Draco didn't have shoes on? When did Draco ever go anywhere not looking immaculate?




Crabbe Senior Apparated to the front door of Malfoy Manor as he had many times in the past, welcomed by the sound of rain falling in sheets against the mansion and the loud rumblings of thunder. A small house elf opened the door, gasping and muttering about young Master Malfoy before leading him up the stairs and through multiple corridors to the boy's wing. He carefully set him down on to the bed and took the seat beside it, waiting dutifully for someone else to appear and tell him to leave.




"Narcissa," he answered dutifully to the familiar voice looking up to see Lucius' wife enter with a snake curled around her forearm. She took one look at her son and he saw her fair skin lighten even more, her eyes fluttering slightly as she tried to prevent the tears, before she suddenly became the image of control once again. Carefully removing his outer robes with a spell, she hung it over her arm as she began to idly move books on the bedside table till they were stacked into a perfect aligned row.


"He's not been well," she said into the silence and Crabbe merely nodded. Neither of them had been well since Lucius had left but he wasn't going to say anything. Neither did he say anything about Draco's bare feet or the fact that he had been wearing night clothes under his robes or the smudge of mud across Narcissa's collarbone. He could see she was desperate to know what was going on, but she held herself together and was the soul of courtesy, offering him a drink, something to eat, the perfect Malfoy wife.


When Snape arrived, the sound of billowing robes as he entered the room was his only warning, Crabbe found himself greatly relieved. For beautiful and clever as Narcissa was, the tension was mounting and a man like him could never occupy a lady like her, just as she could never entertain a man like him. Together they sat in a room with only Lucius between them and yet with Lucius so far away, there was nothing, nothing that could link these two people together in conversation of any type.


"Narcissa, will you get me some of the blood replenishment from the laboratory? I left it to simmer this morning so it should be fine now."


Narcissa nodded, infinitely grateful to be given the opportunity to leave without seeming rude and went from the room silently. Snape cast a few charms to check Draco's vitals, wondering how the brat had managed to get a cold before remembering the bare feet and the storm still raging outside not to mention the muddy footprints he thought he saw near Narcissa's entertainment room.


"Why did you do it?" Snape suddenly asked turning to Crabbe over Draco's unconscious form.


"For a moment… I thought he was Lucius."




Dedication: Hugo Crabbe was named due to strange-ness and cute-ness on the part of my beta and her husband. =D.

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(Anonymous) on September 12th, 2006 08:33 am (UTC)
I just found this yesterday and *I can't wait for more*!
Very suspenseful. The snake is gorgous.
oceans_world on September 12th, 2006 09:23 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU!! I'm glad you found it!
Isn't she just?
aries3aries3 on October 20th, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)
I'm really enjoying this, i hope you update soon. there's a lot of potential here. Is it ok if i friend you?
noa_luna on January 3rd, 2007 09:52 pm (UTC)
*nudges* You still alive, honey?